Friday, March 28, 2008

Last Weekend

i've been busy putting together some t shirt designs for a UK band this week and along with the day job haven't had any time to go out during the week, not that the weather has been great anyways.

last weekend we went out birding with good intentions but nothing all that exciting happened.
that happens sometimes doesn't it? Laughing

Saturday we drove out to Tsawassen to see if we could find the Common Teal that was said to be there but for the second time left empty-handed.
Reifel was next and we faired better.
we ran into Carlo, who tipped me off on a good book to read and later i found TC Wong and David Tang shooting birds at my favourite swallow spot.
the G-H owl mom was sleeping and the kid nowhere in sight and since this bird and tree truck have been photographed hundreds (thousands?) of times by now already we moved along.
on the way back from Reifel we happened upon a gathering of Snow geese close to the side of the road and Audy hopped out and maybe because of her small stature and gentle nature they came close to her and she got off some nice shots.

Sunday we checked out Iona beach because i wanted to shoot swallows there but none would sit for us at the time.
Western meadowlarks made a brief appearance and things were looking up until the cable-release on my camera exploded leaving me trigger-less.
this was all the more frustrating since i had just replaced my last one a week ago. i have the worst luck with cable-releases i tell you.

thus i have not much digiscoping to show but Audy got some decent shots and would like to show a few of hers for a change.
they are always better than my own anyways Smile

i really like this shot, i just wish it had been composed a bit better

anyways, that was last weekend, bring on this weekend, i'm raring to go and have a burly new expensive cable release that i'm hoping will work out better.
Very Happy

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