Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Charley Harper

just wanted to mention that i recently came across a great bird artist who went by the name of Charley Harper. He recently passed away but was gracious enough to leave us with a large body of work. I remember seeing his illustrations in books as a kid but never knew anything about him, or the fact that he illustrated so many birds over the years. When most think about "bird art" we tend to throw out the names Audubon, Wilson, Peterson, heck, even Bateman, all realists who painted and illustrated in a fairly traditional style. Traditional has never really "done it" for me however and during my Art school days i aligned myself with modern art. That's why i was so excited to find out about Harpers art and i can thank Audy for that since she was the one who mentioned that she was interested in finding a book by him. She is a designer and excellent illustrator herself and always on the lookout for inspiration. I found the book she was looking for and ordered it for her as a valentines day present. It arrived last week and we spent an enormous amount of time looking through it all. Beautiful modern bird art!
i would love to find some of his original prints but by now they are quite expensive.
i've posted some pages from the book on my "other" flickr site if anyone is interested, although a quick Google search of images will bring up loads of his work as well. Very Happy


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