Thursday, April 3, 2008

Harry & the Winter Wren

Had a pretty good weekend as far as birding goes.

Saturday was spent in Pitt Meadows at Grant Narrows and while we didn't do the whole loop around the marsh we got some great looks at Winter wren and Hairy woodpecker.

Audy and her D300 stood out yet again and more than ever i find myself studying the "big lens" specs online, checking prices and wondering quietly to myself how long it will be before make the jump up to a DSLR / 500mm+ lens setup.
it's inevitable i'm sure.

really quite amazing as the woodpecker flew down from the tree to check us out momentarily and Audy was able to get some close-up shots.
you couldn't have gotten closer unless there was a feeder next to you (which there wasn't) Smile

my version of the shot was taken earlier from a much farther distance away.

note the vignetting in lower corners due to 50X eyepiece. sometimes the effect comes off "artistic" but more often than not darkens the shot more than anything.
sigh, guess it's time to put the 30X eyepiece back on Rolling Eyes

the Winter wren was loads of fun to shoot as it hopped around.

Audy's shot

and mine.

one last set of pics and they go to the victor of the weekend shots; Audy.

Sunday was spent at Iona and she got lucky with the Y-R warbler as one flew around, low in the trees for a change.

finally, our mystery swallow turned out to be a Northern Rough-winged and when we shot this fella the wind was really picking up, good catch considering the branch was waving around.

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