Friday, March 14, 2008

camera settings

posted this for someone else but thought i'd share it here as well. i tinker with settings often though and nothing is clad in stone.

my camera settings (Coolpix P5100) are thus:
top dial set to A.
FUNC button set to ISO.
sound settings set to off. i don't want my camera to make sounds.

digital zoom set to off.
AF assist set to AUTO.
VR on.
date imprint off.
brightness 5.
date off.
welcome screen off.

A settings:

distortion control off.
converter off.
noise reduction AUTO.
fixed aperture on.
flash control AUTO.
flash exp. comp. 0
auto-focus mode Single AF.
AF area mode Center.
auto bracketing off.
Continuous mode.
metering Matrix.
ISO sensitivity as low as possible, typically 64.
white balance AUTO.
optimize image Normal.
image size 12m (4000x3000).
image quality Fine.
i also have the Macro (flower symbol) selected as well.

and that's about all i can tell you.

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