Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunshine Coast

First off, i'd like to say what a rip-off BC Ferries is.
Now that i've got that off my chest Sunday was the day we decided to head over to the Sunshine Coast to see about Rock Sandpipers.
Ever since i got my first shot of one at Mission Point (just before Sechelt) in early 2010 i've wanted a re-match.
I had planned to go after them in December but then the lens broke and everything was thrown in the air.
I figured i might be too late for them now but it was still worth it since Black Oystercatcher, Surfbird, Black Turnstone, Black Scoter are the other attractions, along with gulls, crows, goldeneyes etc.
Didn't get any Rock Sandpipers on Sunday and we waited a while for the loose flocks of turnstones to come in to roost on the descending tide. Saw a Surfbird in the mix but not much else alas.

Black Oystercatcher

Other notable birds that morning included Barrow's Goldeneye, Black Scoter and Northwestern Crow.
I was laying down the whole morning to get a low angle.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spotted Towhee

Went out this morning around the shore, Whytecliffe park was a dud, no birds but a bunch of divers, Ambleside was quiet as well, Maplewood was more productive and this Towhee was the best of a meager bunch. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Black-crowned Night-Heron

Went out to Reifel on Sunday with Audy and had a walk around and renewed our yearly memberships.

At the entrance i was lucky to get one of the 5 night-herons out in the open and took some shots of this cool bird.
Don't know why they choose to winter here but we get them at Reifel every year (i could think of some warmer places to hang out myself)...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Merganser Saturday

Had a nice quiet morning at Hastings Park and while waiting for hoodies to appear spotted a nice Common Merganser as well.

Too bad the Hooded Merganser never came in very close, oh well.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Birds

Ok, my nightmare is over, lens is fixed and i've finally gotten out with it to check it all out, seems good.

I decided to take a break from internet forums for a while as i was (still am) busy re-doing one of our bathrooms top to bottom, as well i discovered facebook and no sooner had i joined than my life started to crumble apart at the seams because of it :lol:  (long story...)
the break has been good though, i feel like a kid again and know i have two months to make up for shooting-wise :wink:

Decided to head out to Iona first morning back, i was almost nervous about shooting again it's been so long :lol:
I was surprised by the amount of fog when we arrived at Iona but i was determined to shoot something.

Here is something to post here finally, been a while, like i said, it was really foggy, almost white-out conditions, but i can't resist a grebe at close range :)


Well, after my first day back on Saturday in the fog didn't quite satisfy me shooting-wise, i decided to stay closer to home on Sunday.
I have only been back to Maplewood once since the accident (which occured there) and i went back to the spot where the lens fell over and re-claimed the area again :P .
Typical Maplewood winter morning, the Golden-crowned kinglets were the highlights as far as birds go.



Later, i headed over to Ambleside, i wanted to shoot some goldeneyes :)



Friday, February 3, 2012

Guess Who's back?



Guess I Got My Swagger Back
Today was a beautiful sunny day, it was a Friday as well and i felt good for a change. I decided to hassle the Richmond Nikon location by phone today about my lens, i had visions of my fixed lens being left neglected on a shelf somewhere in Toronto while i was jonesin' big time over here on the west coast. As usual, i had to leave a message since no one ever picks up. It's all good cause i got a ring-back a while later from my homeboy Tim at Nikon Richmond with the news that he had my lens in his hands! He had gone and picked it up just then!
I think i made it to Richmond in record time, all the while listening to music really loudly in my car, nodding my head along with every beat.
Life is sweet sometimes : )
See you in the field, i'll be hanging with my peeps (literally) getting back in touch, i miss those feathered creatures, the ones that come to our feeders are cool but the wild ones that make you work for the shot are the ones i desire.

The Waiting Area

The Waiting Area