Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Recent Shorebirds

Last weekend i tried for the Pacific Golden Plover out at Beach Grove and made a special trip out that way in the afternoon (i'm typically a morning shooter whenever i venture out except at Maplewood, which i often frequent after work).
Anyways, never saw the plover, maybe we were too early although tide timing seemed good.
Perhaps it had already flown.
Did get one shot of a Least Sandpiper on it's own in the grass.

Later we ended our day at Brunswick Point at  the log booms, the cool Black-bellied Plovers were faithfully roosting. The lighting was actually not great and the BG was open sky behind the closest well posed bird but after wading out into the water to almost knee-high depth i was determined to get at least one shot i felt good enough about to post.

There you go, not much but what can you do eh?

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The Waiting Area

The Waiting Area