Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Sorry for the cryptic title but it makes sense when you read on.
Last weekend was a complete wash-out shooting-wise.
This was due to a nasty computer virus called a Backdoor worm that showed up whenever i tried to view Ebay (a pop-up would come up asking me to confirm all my CC and debit card details, including PIN numbers :roll:) it also slowed my internet connection down to a crawl and did other funny things to my computer.
There was no way around it and i was forced to re-install my operating system and software and ended up wasting my complete weekend.
After re-installing everything the computer has never been better i think, and Anti-Virus is fully on-guard :wink:
Starting fresh i also decided to upgrade my processing software from Photoshop CS2 to the current CS5.
WOW :o what a difference!
i like that i don't have to use Capture NX2 to transfer my RAW files over to TIFF for PS anymore.
Quite happy with this re-process from two weekends ago, a big improvement on the originally posted one :)

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