Sunday, August 21, 2011

American Redstart at Maplewood Flats - Aug 19th

Rob Lyske found a first spring American Redstart at Maplewood Flats on Thursday (Aug 18th) and it was seen later by others that day.
I didn't make it out until yesterday (Friday) after work but while wandering around in the noon hour, and just past the bridge and along the trail that vears right (after said bridge) i spied a warbler deep in the bush working a tree, was able to grab a few record shots but when looking at the camera view at the time couldn't be sure that it indeed was the redstart, until just now :)  Could still be there?

The real reason i was at Maplewood was Black-throated Gray warblers. Every year Maplewood seems to be one of the more reliable locations in the lower mainland for this species, and every year i try to get some shots.
Choked a bit on this shot as the bird was actually in a much better pose a few seconds earlier but i couldn't get my camera focused in time, ah well, it's how the cookie crumbles sometimes.
Still, i like the big gummy worm in it's mouth.

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