Thursday, April 10, 2008

Anna's revisited

we went out on Saturday and decided to stick in Vancouver city range for a change.
VanDusen garden was the destination and i was really hoping to see the Townsend's Solitaire but it was nowhere to be seen.
we ran into amazing luck however when we discovered a patch of trees that an Anna's Hummingbird had decided to make it's territory.
we had just to setup around a few small shrubby trees and wait for the curious bird to land as it would on a regular basis.
finally decent looks at this species, much better than our first go-around a few weeks ago.

we are quite familiar with the female of the species but this year is the first we have had the pleasure of seeing the bejeweled splendor of the male on display.

Audy's view of the scenario -

with the 30X eyepiece on my scope i was eager to digiscope this species well enough since it isn't going to hang out much longer i figure.
soon it will be all Rufous (i am already seeing them at Maplewood) so it's nice to get these shots.

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The Waiting Area

The Waiting Area