Saturday, February 2, 2008

Northern Goshawk

Jericho Park, Vancouver, BC. Feb 02 2008
this is a pretty well documented bird already (even has a youtube appearance) and we really should have gone to look for it last weekend like everyone else but we went today anyways in hopes it was still around.
i brought my secret weapon Audy along as her eyes are sharper than mine, sure enough, she spotted it almost right away high up in the trees above the pond keeping an eye on the ducks below.
i took some long-range shots and we decided to walk in a bit closer.
someone had been feeding the ducks and a large group of them had come onto shore pretty much right underneath the tree the juvenile Northern Goshawk was in.
suddenly it dropped from the tree in a graceful swoop and flushed a duck which proceeded to take flight.
a small chase ensued with it calling off the chase not long after.
as luck would have it the Goshawk came to rest even closer to us both than we had ever imagined and checked us out. the light was problematic but this opportunity couldn't be passed up.
happy to say this was a Lifer as well.

Very Happy

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