Thursday, February 21, 2008

Late Afternoon delight

it was nice today (why couldn't it have been this nice yesterday, when i had the day off?) and i couldn't wait to jet out from work since i knew i was going scoping as soon as i could.

i had recently uploaded an album by a rapper named Birdman (who i previously knew nothing about) and tuned in the ipod in the car for the trip down to Maplewood.
it's pretty slamming stuff folks, hard-core beats and foul-mouthed lyrics mixed in such a way that you have to listen to it loud to fully appreciate it.

anyways, it turned into a productive walk through Maplewood as i spotted (and got shots of) Red Crossbill, Belted Kingfisher, Varied Thrush (one of my fav birds), Northern Pintail, Hooded Merganser, Brown Creeper, and Northern Flicker.
not too shabby for a quick afternoon walk.

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