Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trip Itinerary

It's been a crazy busy week.
My work decided to be nice to me and are making me work overtime every day this week : )
I know they are busy and i feel a little bad about "pulling the chute" on them but what can you do?
A man's gotta be able to take a holiday right?

Anyways, i'm using Apiradee's laptop as my computer decided that it wanted to be difficult on monday evening and i'm not sure if it will up and running before we fly out Friday night.
Ah well, worry about computers later, my head is all about the birds right now :)

Here is our brief trip itinerary for those interested.

We arrive in BKK at noon on Sunday 12th.
Monday the 13th i will definitely want to get out in the morning to get my first taste of Thai birds, traditionally we go out to Suan Rot Fai (train park) or somewhere close by as Apiradee will be doing some renewing of Thai ID stuff in the afternoon.

Tuesday 14th is open so far.

Wednesday 15th
we plan to drive to Nakhon Sawan as Apiradee has some property in her name there and the family has decided to sell so her presence there is required.
We will spend the night there (no hotel booked yet).

Thursday 16th we have booked Lum Phanom (guide who works Bungporaphet and is the guy to see about getting Siberian Ruby-throat) for as long as we want as he charges by the hour. We will be calling to him when we get there to re-confirm but i imagine it will be an early start.
After Bungporophet and Lum Phanom we will drive to Mai Wong NP as we have a 5 person cabin booked for the night.
Mai Wong could be pretty good provided the bugs don't eat us first.

Friday 17th we will get up early and bird (shoot) all morning and maybe some afternoon before heading back to BKK that night.

Saturday 18th we fly down to Krabi where we will spend 5 nights.
We will spend 3 nights at the Morokat resort at KNC and have luckily booked Yothin (Khao Nor Chuchi guide who is famous for being the guy every birder seeks out if they want a chance at the endangered Gurney's Pitta) for 2 full days and 1 night (Thai owls!). :D
After KNC and Yothin we will spend 2 nights in Krabi and hope to get out to the mangrove and shorebirds.

Friday 24th we are back in BKK.

Saturday 25th is free.

Sunday 26th is free.

Monday 27th
is free.

Tuesday 28th is free.

Wednesday 29th is free.

Thursday 30th
is free.

Friday 31st is free.

I say "free" because we have not set anything in stone, but were thinking of doing as much shooting as possible, be it Khao Yai, KK or closer spots like Bangpu, Lam Pak Bia, Puttamonthon etc.

We depart on Jan 1st back to the cold Canadian winter.

More updates as they happen...

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