Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gray Jay for a Grey Day Oct 05


Believe it or not, i did have fun on Cypress Saturday morning.
Arrived at the lookout at 9:30 and stayed there till 12 noon, the whole time in light drizzle and grey conditions. 
No pygmies of northern descent seen and the weather probably had something to do with it.
I'd like to thank the sole birder out there i spent time with for the company, it's always great to talk about birding and places visited with another keener, hope you went back and got your lifer this morning as i heard it was seen.
Eventually i came across other forum birders and enjoyed their company as well.

The hike up wasn't that bad, only one or two huff and puff moments on the switchbacks  :lol:

Because i neglected to bring my camera rain covers up i was forced to keep the body and lens in the backpack i carried it up with, deciding to only take it out if the owl showed.
Missed a few moments of non-owl activity because of that decision but did get a decent shot or two of the grey jays though, Vancouver area Lifer of the Day!

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Ian Kelshaw said...

7257Wonderful portrait Paul! Worth the workout!

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