Friday, May 16, 2014

Anna's Hummingbird

Happy to be able to get out shooting, at least a little bit anyways this weekend (Mar 09).
Maplewood was quiet except for robins and Varied thrush on friday afternoon and i didn't shoot anything except a crow, which i probably won't bother posting.
Today though was able to drag my birding partner out since it wasn't raining and we both needed some time outside.
had half an inclination to check out the Glaucous Gull reported at Deer Lake and that's where we ended up, spending a couple of hours this afternoon.
Never saw the gull but did spot a couple of Anna's hummingbirds along the boardwalk and as others have posted their shots here i will do the same :)
was kinda tough shooting though because of the huge amount of dog walkers and just plain walkers out on the walk but it's all good, got a couple of looks in the end, this being my fav.


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