Friday, October 26, 2012

I Love Boobies!

Well, as i wait for my lens to be returned to me (Nikon says it should be back in my hands around oct. 14th) (edit - they lied, it's oct 26th and i expect at least another week without it at this point) i find myself reflecting on the whole pursuit. I admit that the last year i have been feeling a bit burnt out, going hardcore for 6
+ years photographing birds i've outlasted other previous pursuits so that must be worth something.
I'm at my worst and also my best when i feel competitive about something, shooting birds "artistically" has been the goal every since i saw the work of local photog Glenn Bartley and others.
Maxing out credit cards and taking trips left and right the last few years to feed the unquenchable thirst to see and photograph new birds and shelling out the dolla bills for the pro gear or to repair said gear when dropped adds up, no wonder so many of the photogs i know are doctors LOL.

Not going out since the lens has been in the shop has let me reflect on what it is i truly want to achieve, doing "normal stuff" again has been fine but deep inside me i feel the birds calling me back out.
As Word Burglar plays in the background i think about the recent returning birds in our yard, the Song Sparrow that spends the fall and winter in the hedge next to the townhouse, the Dark-eyed junco's back again from where ever they go in the summer. 
I look forward to seeing the Varied Thrush again, but not quite yet for those beautiful birds.
Yes, i'm looking forwards to getting out again.
I feel like i need to step it up but at the same time keep it fun, most importantly, don't drop the lens again!!!

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