Sunday, March 11, 2012

Say's Phoebe

Got back from shooting in Richmond (no Horned larks, alas) Saturday morning and found out about a just discovered Say's Phoebe at Maplewood, local uber-birder Rob Lyske first spotted it and i was able to say thanks in person as he was just leaving when i arrived on scene.

I got a few shots off early and waited as the bird flitted from perch to perch, flycatching it's way down the mudflat shoreline.
I wanted to wait for it to come back closer to the "beachfront" so i could get some better shots but got too cold sitting there and figured what i had was decent enough for a record shot at least.

Quite a few birders out looking for it, i guess an early record for the Vancouver area perhaps, i know there was one at Blackie Spit last year..

Picked up Greater White-fronted Goose in Richmond earlier as consolation for dipping on the Horned larks.

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The Waiting Area