Monday, May 16, 2011

A Couple of BBay Birds (Feb 06)

Got up early on Saturday and decided to head out to see about the reported Harris's sparrow off 96th in Boundary Bay, i suppose i should have researched what an actual "tomato patch" looks like because i had no idea where it was that i was supposed to be looking :lol:
Didn't see the bird but i wouldn't be surprised if it was right in front of me all along.

Was planning to head out to Blackie Spit but ended up on the dike at Boundary Bay near the golf course.
Ran into another photog by the name of Peter (of Czech descent), and we walked together for a bit looking for Short-eared owls (yes, even i can't resist the allure of owls sometimes) and we came across a couple in the morning.
I had mentioned that from my research, late afternoon was best for the owls but he said not true, he has seen them at all times of the day, you just have to be lucky.
We were lucky i guess, bettered my previous record shots of this species (taken at Iona) so a pay-off in the end.

itchy-backed harrier

the look

i like the barbed wire in this one a lot.

thanks for looking :)

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