Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Godwit & Curlew

recently i headed out to a spot called Blackie Spit and as soon as i drove up i knew the long drive would be worth it.
There on an empty beach were a pair of large shorebirds i knew instantly as Long-billed Curlew and Marbled Godwit.

I have seen both birds at that location before but never together.
It was pretty early and there were not a lot of people about but the lighting was a bit tricky, getting the sun behind me and still staying close enough to the action was a challenge but i'm happy with the results anyways.
The morning sun really lit things up.

I'm especially glad to get the Curlew because since a tragic mishap last year while photographing my first Curlew at that location i had been shut-out a number of times afterwards.
The tragic mishap was me falling into the water with scope and digiscoping setup resulting in the loss of not only camera (but not SD card which survived) but also my cell phone and Ipod Nano which were also in my pockets.
Add to that a dislocated knee (that happened just before falling into the water) when i tripped while maneuvering into a better viewing location.
Anyways, the "curse of the Curlew" was lifted yesterday and i have these shots to share with you today.

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The Waiting Area

The Waiting Area