Friday, June 13, 2008

recent 'scoped shots

hey all, it's been pretty quiet around here lately and i can't believe i haven't even been out once this week.
the weather has sucked but i've been busy reading "The Art of Bird Photography II" by Arthur Morris in between working like a dog and hooking up a new 1 terrabyte exterior drive (which replaces the two aging 125 gigabyte drives i was using) to store all our shots.
i was frantically burning DVD's in an attempt to clear up space but at only 4gb per DVD the stack of discs was piling up, not to mention the time wasted waiting for discs to finish burning.
the 1000gb terrabyte drive gives us some breathing room.

the Arthur Morris book (in pdf format) is great by the way, reading through his photoshop chapter i was relieved to realize that i was already doing some of the things he suggested and learned a couple of new things as well that i can't wait to implement next editing session.
just looking at hundreds of great shots all at once is great because you get a real feel for the eye of the photographer and how his mind thinks in relation to composition and subject matter.
i'm only a 3rd of the way through so there's still lots to learn and see. Smile

here are some recent digiscoped shots.
i've gone back (yet again) to the 50X eyepiece and the shots are really looking better lately as far as overall sharpness anyways.
i took off a black aluminum O ring that i had mistakingly attached to my camera bracket and the vignetting problem i had before with the 50X went away, pretty much.

there, now i can't wait to get out and take some new pics Very Happy

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