Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Letter to Nikon Canada

A Letter to Nikon Canada.

Hey, whatever happened to the email confirmations you were
supposed to supply me with??

I'm really upset about the way i've been treated by Nikon, it seems like every time i called i was told whatever would get me off the phone, last week i called a number of times (since i heard nothing from you) and was told i could have it on Friday, i waited around all day and was

told later by Nikon Richmond that nothing came in.

Today, after i made plans to take time off work to go to Richmond to get it i find out that the shipment was brought back to TO and now i find out that i have to wait 2 more days for my lens!

This is ridiculous, why do i support Nikon so much when i get treated like i'm bringing in a P&S camera?

My lens is worth $8000 and i feel i should have been afforded Nikon Pro Service at least.

If this is the way i can expect to be treated by Nikon Canada in the future then i will do my very best to let everyone on social media etc. about how lousy the service is at Nikon Canada, i am a bird photographer on the west coast and have always made a point of tagging all 7000 of my pics on Flickr, blog etc. with Nikon tags etc., have bought Nikon logo clothing to wear even and have always said only the best things about Nikon product but again, if this is how i can expect to be treated, then i can't say anything good about Nikon Canada again.

Paul Kusmin

Over 8 weeks for a repair - Nikon Canada is a JOKE.

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