Saturday, February 2, 2008

Harris's Sparrow

Saturday's (Jan 12 2008) mission was to locate the Harris's Sparrow that was among a mixed flock in South Surrey (188th & 8th).
it was raining when we left the house in the morning but we hoped that by the time we got out there we would get a break in the weather.
well we didn't, but the rain wasn't that bad so we carried on.
a bit of detective work led me down 188th towards the hill (south), just before a white posted sign (with Korean characters painted on it) and the gated entrance to a mansion (on a hill) we found the Sparrow.
it was a great moment.
it's always good to know beforehand where in general to look for your target bird but it's kind of cool when you are the only one there and you find it on your own


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The Waiting Area

The Waiting Area